[Ffmpeg-devel] Help for a newbie

Heather Lomond heather
Fri Dec 15 12:36:37 CET 2006



  All I need to be able to do is open an MP3 file (I have a filename)
and get words out ready to send to a DAC. The codec in between needs to
be Integer (if at all possible), but will settle for floats if that is
all I can get. I also need it to be as small and simple as possible
(planning on a port to an embedded processor).

   Can anyone help? I've got the latest version of ffmpeg from svn and
got it all compiled and running on my linux box, also got the apiexample
compiled and running 'as is' but when I modify it for reading an mp3
file it goes all wobbly on me and complains about "header missing
skipping one byte" all the time

   I'm guessing that I have to read the mp3 header before stuffing data
into the codec? And perhaps setup the contect a little more than the

   Any help would be very greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards


Heather Lomond


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