[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem with ffserver. Stream stops almost immediately.

Bryan Mayland bmayland
Fri Feb 3 15:37:07 CET 2006

Pranav Desai wrote:
> The stream server seems to stop serving only after a few seconds. The ffmpeg
> is still writing to the feed, so there doesnt seem to any problem there.
> Also if writing to file, the output is fine. So ffserver might be cutting it
> short or something.
> error, non monotone timestamps 1138928070115512 >= 1138928070096102
You may want to run a network capture from another machine to verify, 
but I'd be willing to bet that it is the client who is aborting the 
connection.  When you get a non-monotone timestamp error, the frame is 
discarded I believe and the stream may or may not be recoverable at that 
point.  If you can find out why you're getting those errors, it will 
probably fix your disconnects.

Where is that?  I wish I knew.  I cleaned up a bunch of em in a patch 
which should be in CVS as of a couple weeks ago, but there are still 
some that I haven't located a source for.  Maybe try changing your 
output frame rate to 29.97 to work around?

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