[ffmpeg-devel] Suggestion: rename libavformat\utils.c andlibavcodec\utils.c

Philippe Dirkse philippe
Mon Feb 6 21:20:33 CET 2006


>> would it be wise to rename the two utils.c files into e.g. 
>> libavcodec\utilsc.c and libavformat\utilsf.c? As far as I can tell the 
>> impact is minimal (changing the filenames and two makefiles). The reason 
>> I ask is because during a debugging session with ddd this afternoon I 
>> noticed that it can not discriminate between two files with the same name 
>> even if they are in separate directories so you can open only one (which 
>> was of course the wrong one in my case).
> I doubt there's a change that smth like that will happen as long as we
> are using CVS as a version control system. CVS doesn't make it
> possible to easily rename files without loosing the history.
> Once we will use SVN, maybe that could be considered though...

Ah yes, the illustrious CVS... I was afraid there would be a wrench in the 
machine as I cannot imagine I'm the first to encounter this 'problem'. Ah 
well, it's not a big problem, I can make the changes myself within minutes 
whenever I have to debug utils.c.

Are there any concrete plans about moving to SVN?



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