[Ffmpeg-devel] FFmpeg naming and logo

Robert Swain robert.swain
Sat Feb 18 15:51:33 CET 2006

On Saturday 18 February 2006 14:31, Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2/18/06, Robert Swain <robert.swain at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have a friend who's quite proficient in Photoshop, I know you're not
> > really interested in Photoshop and vector graphics isn't really his
> > thing, but he could maybe mock up something that you guys would like,
> > would be more appealing and could be used as a basis for someone with
> > vector skills. :) I don't know what vector formats Photoshop supports,
> > maybe he could provide something useful for us.
> Photoshop only supports Bitmap if I'm not mistaken. Illustrator is the
> guy you wanna use of logos.

It supports a lot more than just bitmap... I'm just unsure what vector formats 
it supports. Regardless, he's more of an idea source than a final logo 
producer, considering he's using photoshop. ;)

> I think it could be quite nice to see what a pro can do with FFmpeg logo.

Indeed and my friend is not a pro, he's just good. :) I would also be 
interested to see what some pros can do.

Also, looking back at Luca's and Alex's logos based on Michael's idea, the 
summation above the main text is inconsistent but I'm unsure as to their 
equivalence. One has sum( 0,N-1, F(v)*cos((2x + t)*v*pi/2N) ) the other has 
sum( 0,N-1, F(x)*cos((2x + 1)*v*pi/2N). Note the swapping of v/x and t/1.

Jindrich's points about simplicity in a logo are interesting.


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