[Ffmpeg-devel] Differences between mencoder and ffmpeg whenencoding using x264

Jindrich Makovicka makovick
Sun Feb 19 21:12:41 CET 2006

Erik Slagter wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 17:33 +0000, Robert Swain wrote:
>>Yet again someone has noted that the x264 defaults in FFmpeg are lacking. This 
>>is giving a bad impression of x264. :/
>>My recommendation for anyone using x264 in FFmpeg would be to check the x264 
>>command line defaults and explicitly specify all parameters to FFmpeg using 
>>the defaults from the x264 CLI and whatever alterations one may want to make.
>>Just setting the output codec to x264 and setting a bit rate or other 
>>mechanism is insufficient and yet so many people do it. People expect the 
>>defaults to yield good quality such that they can specify a bit rate to 
>>evaluate the capability of a codec and it's just not the case.
>>I really should look into this. Maybe we should start a discussion on how to 
>>tackle this or continue the presets discussion such that this may be resolved 
>>for all codecs used in FFmpeg? Or at least the ones that require it.
> Good to know I am not completely mad ;-)
> I will have a shallow look at this shortly. It shouldn't be too
> difficult to see which x264 parameters are set by ffmpeg vs. mencoder.

yes, just dump the x264 parameters using x264_param2string() and see.

Jindrich Makovicka

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