[Ffmpeg-devel] Interesting; lavformat muxer in mencoder

Erik Slagter erik
Mon Feb 27 18:02:44 CET 2006

I just noticed, that if I use the lavf muxer in mencoder, and ignore all
warnings, hehe, the produced file cannot be played by mplayer itself.
The file has (as usual) h264 video and aac sound. Okay, that's fair
enough, but the interesting part is the error message:

h264 @ 0x4135f8a8]avcC too short  0.034 122/122  0%  0%  1.2% 0 0 44%

My idea was, that if mencoder uses ffmpeg's mp4 muxer (yeah, all
up2date), it would also include a correct avcc (avcc patch not in cvs,
included locally from pending patch). This is more or less confirmed
because mplayer DOES play files muxed with the ffmpeg program. Gpac also
crashes on the mencoder output, while it runs fine on ffmpeg's output.

This looks like a bug in the interface between mencoder and libavformat?
Anyone tried this, either with or without the avcc patch?

Or is the mp4-from-libavformat-in-mencoder-muxer known broken?
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