[Ffmpeg-devel] Ffplay : make snapshot

Richard Khoury richiek
Tue Jul 18 13:11:03 CEST 2006

The frames will be in memory as YUV or RGB. Use img_convert to get it
into a format you want and then use a nice library to export the raw
data into a nicer image format (.png, .jpg, etc.). Imlib2 is quite
quick but there may be other options available within the ffmpeg
library of which I'm not aware.


 In the year 2006, of the Month of July, on the 18th day, Kevin Petiot wrote:
> Hey everyone.
> I'm modifing Ffplay, in order to make it a preview player for video editing. I
> did some marker in and out function, in order to play only a part from a video.
> But I would like to capture the markers and save them to image.
> I first think to use SDL_SaveBMP() in oder to copy the screen surface. But when
> I am doing it, I'am geting a black picture (with the good size) but not the
> image I would like.
> I guess it is because of the using of Overlay system. But I have no idea how I
> can get a snasphot of a video in this case.
> Is anybodie have a Idea what I can do and how ?
> Regards,
> Kevin
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