[Ffmpeg-devel] RTSP help needed

Geetha Chaney geethachaney
Fri Jun 9 02:32:17 CEST 2006


I am a newbie to RTSP streaming. I would like to use ffserver for RTSP streaming. Qn. 1 Is it working? Can I stream only mpg files? Also, I tried to stream an mpeg file and failed. In ffserver.conf, I uncommented the segment test1-rtsp.mpg; I put the right path for my file (called it sil.mpg) in File. I had the file sil.mpg in the corresponding directory. I used Quicktime to play it; in the player, in the url, I put
rtsp://path to my file sil.mpg. It does not work. I got the error message connection failed. Please help me. Please tell me what should I have in the ffserver.conf file and what I should have in my directory and how to invoke it from a player.

Thanks a lot,

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