[Ffmpeg-devel] OT: US Citizens, Contact Your Senators

Paul Curtis pfc
Sat Jun 10 01:34:50 CEST 2006

Your ability to view any website you wish is about to be legislated out 
of existence. Running on a cable modem or DSL? Want to continue posting 
here? You may not be able to ...


US politicians have rejected attempts to enshrine the principle of net 
neutrality in legislation.

The ending of net neutrality rules also spurred the creation of activism 
sites such as Save The Internet and Its Our Net.

Speaking at a conference in late May, web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee 
warned that the net faced entering a "dark period" if access suppliers 
were allowed to choose which traffic to prioritise.

The amendment was defeated by 269 votes to 152 and the Cope Act was 
passed by 321-101 votes.

The debate over the issue now moves to the US Senate where the Commerce, 
Science and Transportation Committee will vote on its version of the act 
in late June. The debate in that chamber is also likely to centre on 
issues of net neutrality.

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