[Ffmpeg-devel] Type 1 DV Seek Crash

Brian Brice bbrice
Tue Jun 13 19:28:35 CEST 2006

I've been testing seeking with type 1 DV's and having major issues.  I 
actually sent an email about this a while back but didn't get any 
responses, and the problem still persists.  Just to verify that the 
problem is still there, I grabbed the latest code from svn and tested 
today.  I've attached a log of the crash in gdb and uploaded a sample 
type 1 DV file to the ftp at /MPlayer/incoming/bbrice/SINEWave_Type1.avi.bz2

It's dereferencing a null pointer and it seems like the handler for PCM 
data does not initialize the stream's priv_data.  Thanks everyone.

Brian Brice
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