[Ffmpeg-devel] pmf demuxing/decoding

jonny at leffe.dnsalias.com jonny
Wed Jun 14 10:56:39 CEST 2006

> jonny at leffe.dnsalias.com wrote:
>>perfect, i guess i have nothing to add atm
> Unless you have more sample files.

the original source where i've started is here:


there is a little pmf in the first thread (this sample have a reduced
resolution and no audio - usually this format is used for game icons)
later in the thread there are the same 2 already linked
more samples can be probably found only on original games.

i dunno if you are interested in the h264 stream itself, anyway:
seems only main profile up to level 3 is supported, and the stream must
contain access unit delimiters, buffering_period and pic_timing SEIs
the Elecard codec produce compatible streams, there is also a modified
x264 version that do the same:

http://jonny.leffe.dnsalias.com/pmp_mod_avc/index.htm (bottom of the page)

(we are working on a player that uses the psp avc decoding api directly -
atm i'm muxing everything in a custom container)

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