[Ffmpeg-devel] ffplay not compiled anymore

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Thu Jun 15 00:57:49 CEST 2006

Fran?ois Revol wrote:
>> "Fran?ois Revol" <revol at free.fr> writes:
>>>> "Fran?ois Revol" <revol at free.fr> writes:
>>>>>> Luca Barbato said:
>>>>>>> Luca Abeni wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>>> I just discovered that after an update from subversion the
>>>>>>>> configure script refuses to compile ffplay because SDL is 
>>>>>>>> too
>>>>>>>> old. This is happening on a debian stable machine...  I 
>>>>>>>> think
>>>>>>>> that debian stable (3.1) should be supported, no?
>>>>>>> Was discussed with a window of about a week... I won't revert 
>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>> since it breaks other distros.
>>>>>> IMHO, requiring the latest released version of libs is 
>>>>>> reasonable.
>>>>>> Supporting Debian stable is just not feasible.
>>>>> It is not only about Debian, but also all other OSes which don't
>>>>> necessarily have the latest-whizzbang-version-of-everything.
>>>>> Requiring everyone to update their port of SDL just for 2 lines 
>>>>> of
>>>>> code that aren't necessary is not really any more reasonable 
>>>>> IMO.
>>>> Alright, take it easy.  I'll fix it.  I just can't help wondering 
>>>> why
>>>> I heard not even a whisper of a complaint from you lot when I
>>>> repeatedly asked for opinions on this change.
>>> Cause I probably left the mail waiting for an answer and then 
>>> forgot it 
>>> when a pile of spams and trolls went through :P
>>> It just happened as I svn uped and rebuilt to test the rtsp fix in 
>>> a 
>>> hurry.
>> Those things happen.  I've checked in something that should fix it.
>>> Oh btw, anyone knows a normalized (posix ?) way to know the 
>>> available 
>>> RAM ?
>>> I'd get configure to disable -O3 -g when it's less than 1GB since 
>>> it 
>>> fails anyway (yes, not only in BeOS with antiquated gcc) because 
>>> some 
>>> files are way too big anyway (namely mpegvideo.c, snow.c ...). I 
>>> always 
>>> keep it but have to manually build those... better would be to make 
>>> them of a reasonable size. :D
>> It builds just fine on my laptop with total 512MB RAM.  Are you sure
>> your setup isn't broken?
> Well I said 1G as I have a (noisy) box with that, but well...
> I don't consider my K6-2 350 with 128M (192 but mem=128M cause bad 
> dimm)
> running deb stable as broken.
> It's well, not up to today's specs, that's it. (and I though 640K ought 
> to be enough for everyone anyway...)

dropping -pipe helps?



Luca Barbato

Gentoo/linux Gentoo/PPC

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