[Ffmpeg-devel] What options to use when transcoding MPEG4 codecs to Flash Video FLV?

Matt Farley mfarley
Mon Jun 19 17:37:59 CEST 2006

I've recently written an online app that transcodes uploaded videos to 
Flash Video (FLV), a la YouTube/Google Video.

For the most part videos transcode well and look great.  However it 
seems that source videos compressed with MPEG4-ish codecs, such as 
WMV3/9, xvid, divx, etc, seem to come out looking incredibly pixelated!

Are there any command-line options / tricks I should be using to get 
better looking results when using such source videos?  I look at the 
many options provided by the help file, and it's a bit daunting, I don't 
understand most of them.

Thanks for any advice!

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