[Ffmpeg-devel] About swscale

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Jun 21 15:25:39 CEST 2006

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 02:07:07PM +0200, Luca Abeni wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 14:06 +0200, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> > 
> >  Please look at the ones for
> > libav* and libpostproc and copy + paste them with the proper
> > modifications.
> Well, I think the checks can be removed:
> - If the patch is applied when postproc is moved to ffmpeg/libswscale,
> and and svn:external property is used to tell svn to checkout such
> directory in mplayer/libswscale too, then the first check is useless
> (libswscale will always be there).
> - The second check was not really used, so it can be removed.

Yes, when you apply the patch, modify the svn:externals property to
include libswscale and you're done.

> >   The current revision of this patch is rejected.
> Ok, I'll redo the patch removing the configure and Makefile chunks.
> Sorry for posting that unacceptable code, but when I sent the patch to
> mplayer-dev-eng asking for comments I did not receive any feedback about
> it.

Please, no need to apologize, I did not look at the patches closely the
last time around, probably because I thought they depended on some other
stuff being committed first.


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