[Ffmpeg-devel] question on rtsp with libavformat

sfjester at umd.edu sfjester
Thu Jun 22 17:42:55 CEST 2006

Hello all, 

I'm currently working on a program using the avformat and 
avcodec libraries that will take a video file and output a 
jpeg image for each frame.  It's working exactly as I want it 
so far except for one thing: it doesn't work for rtsp stream 

Unfortunatly, I really don't have any choice but to write the 
program in VC++, so I've had to use the avformat.dll and 
avcodec.dll files, and since the .lib files are missing, I 
have to use run-time linking.

For the input portion of the code, I followed Martin B?hme's 
demo program closely. 

>From what I can tell (which isn't much), rtsp_init() is never 
called, or if it is, because of the run-time linking or 
similar problem it fails to accomplish what it's meant to.

When I call:
av_open_input_file(&pFormatCtx, stream, NULL, 0, NULL);

The actuall code being (all of this included for each 
function I mention):

typedef int (av_open_input_file)(AVFormatContext**, const 
char*, AVInputFormat*, int, AVFormatParameters*);
av_open_input_file * avOpen = (av_open_input_file*)
GetProcAddress(avFormat, "av_open_input_file");
	if(avOpen == NULL)
		cout<<"couldn't get function 'open 
	if((i = avOpen(&pFormatCtx, stream,	pRTSP, 0, 
		cout<<"couldn't open the file, error 
code: "<<i<<endl;

it returns with error code -2, AVERROR_IO, and in 
av_open_input_file, that can occur by failing the url_fopen 

I then tried to pass the rtsp_demux AVInputFormat instance 
into av_open_input_file directly, after having tried to find 
it through av_find_input_format("rtsp"), but that didn't work 
either, av_find_input_format returned NULL.

I can't even call rtsp_init() myself, as a GetProcAddress to 
find it returns NULL as well.

I guess I have a number of questions:
1) Is rtsp input format supported for what I'm trying to do?
2) Is there a better way to open an rtsp stream than through 
3) If not, how do you open an rtsp stream through 
4) Are there better smaple programs to look at that 
output_example.c or the demo program I mentioned before?
5) Is there actually some way to accomplish this with these 
libraries, or am I better off trying something else?
6) Is there a way to get the missing .lib files so that I 
could try this program with static linking?

Thanks much,

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