[Ffmpeg-devel] question on rtsp with libavformat

sfjester at umd.edu sfjester
Thu Jun 22 22:27:01 CEST 2006

Okay, I applied the patch, and it seems like everything 
compliled fine, but attempting to create libavformat.dll 
comes back with an "undefined reference to" error for every 
winsock function used anywhere in the project.
os_support.o(.text+0xdb): In function "init_winsock':
c:/ffmpeg/libavformat/os_support.c:80 undefined reference 
to "WSAAtartup at 8'
but for every winsock function in any file; htons at 4, 
getsockname at 12, etc.

My program pretty much needs to be built in VC++ to be 
incorperated into the rest of the project, so without the DLL 
there isn't much I can do.

Is there a patch for the makefile or something similar that 
would fix this?  Or any other suggestions?  I'd hate to have 
to start over on this project after all the work I've put 
into it :(

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