[Ffmpeg-devel] ogg2.c: bug in bufferallocation code

Jocky Wilson jocky_wilson
Sun Jun 25 14:07:42 CEST 2006

>"Jocky Wilson" <jocky_wilson at hotmail.com> writes:
> > I'm developing a vlc media viewer app for the PSP and noticed a bug in > 
>libavformat/ogg2.c while playing live videostreams. The error occurs > in 
>function ogg_read_page(), the problem is that the allocated buffer > size 
>is doubled each time until memory runs out in my PSP and the > decoding 
>crashes. Buffer size starts with 130kB and doubles each few > minutes. The 
>problem can be reconstructed on PC. I'm streaming > DIV3+mp3 in ogg 
>container code from vlc to PSP. Except for the bug the > ogg container 
>works best.
>Hopefully fixed.
>M?ns Rullg?rd

Yes, it now works great :)
Many thanks  M?ns!

Those who wonna stream video, music, dvd/svcd and live feeds to Sony PSP 
(fw1.5) see:


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