[Ffmpeg-devel] Compiling on IRIX

J.A. Gutierrez spd
Thu Jun 29 09:38:27 CEST 2006

> > 
> > 	fixes the crash, but ARCH_MIPS is not defined at the
> > 	"configure" stage.  Adding manually "#define ARCH_MIPS 1" to
> > 	the generated config.h solves the problem
> That's very strange.  configure should set the correct CPU type around
> line 320.

	I see:

	"configure" uses cpu=`uname -m`; but then, mips is detected
	with "mips|mipsel". SGI systems use IP* (see below)

	Another aproach could be to set cpu=mips if OS=IRIX*, since
	I don't think there are still IRIX running on 68k hardware...
> Does it work if you pass the --cpu=mips option to configure?

> What's the output of 'uname -m' on your system?

	SGI Challenge L: IP19
	SGI Indigo^2:    IP22
	SGI Indy:        IP22
	SGI Octane:      IP30


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