[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug - Framerate limitation for H.264 in .mp4

Tyler Loch TylerL82
Tue Mar 21 06:29:14 CET 2006

I've run into a strange issue (latest ffmpeg CVS) where H.264 clips
compressed into an .mp4 container with over ~2150 frames give
QuickTime an error with an "incorrect duration".

I've tested 2127 frames as fine, and 2180 as broken.

Encoding for files over that threshold continues, and it seems that
data is written. mplayer plays back the clip without incident, but
QuickTime and VLC both have trouble; with QuickTime outright refusing
to play, and VLC unable to skip through the timeline.

Tested on Mac OS X 10.4.5, PPC and Intel.

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