[Ffmpeg-devel] Capturing support for Windows

qxc at gmx.de qxc
Thu Mar 23 14:47:14 CET 2006

> One of the problem is still to indentify the name of the capture Devices 
> and be able to configure them (select TV channel or input source).
> There's a Qt GUI in the DrFFMPEG source package that allows capturing on 
> Windows using FFMPEG. It has not been added to DrDivX yet. The code is 
> using DirectShow in C++.

As far as I remember the Windows-thingy there is a possibility to get all
devices listed - afterwards the user can choose one. I think there is no big
difference between setting /dev/video1 or WinDeviceXY explicitely using
command line parameters. Beside of that at least for audio Windows offers
the possibility to select the best device automatically using the option
WAVE_MAPPER during opening the device.

Btw: are there any Solaris ports offering capturing support out there?


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