[Ffmpeg-devel] make test fails

Stefan Gehrer stefan.gehrer
Tue Oct 3 16:50:49 CEST 2006

Dana Hudes wrote:
> I see the text you mention. I also think you're really rude. I'm not a 
> clueless newbie to the world. I'm a UNIX admin of 20 years experience, 
> an experienced C programmer since 1983 and have written lots and lots 
> of varied code for money and fun. I have a temper and I can get 
> impatient but really, I try to google things and to see what is going 
> on but ffmpeg doesn't do the stable vs. development release or indeed 
> any sort of organized release. Whether or not I want the hottest new 
> features, I have to take the latest SVN version.  I see no point in 
> trying to integrate ffmpeg with anything or try to contribute anything 
> until I get a good build that passes its tests. Now, it may well be 
> that the code is good and the test is broken. I'm not sufficiently 
> familiar with the code or the guts of the algorithms to say. I 
> probably have to figure out what the test is doing and see if there's 
> some other tool on this or another platform to which i have access 
> that can do the same. That would validate the input data at least.
> Just because you make some contribution to the project does not give 
> you license to abuse people who try to submit complete bug reports. I 
> mean really! I don't just come and say "it doesn't work please help". 
> I give as much information as I can about my environment and what i am 
> doing so that one has a possibility to reproduce the bug. Have YOU 
> tried the regression tests on the latest SVN version? If so, please so 
> state and show your environment and what you did to configure. If not, 
> then stop spewing abuse at me and run the test yourself using either 
> your options or mine.
> It is probably a good idea to consider putting up either bugzilla or 
> mantis or using the sourceforge bug tracking system.
> That can be set to go to whoever or a list, as appropriate.  The 
> DBD::Pg module team set their bug reports to go to their developer 
> mailing list. Larger projects have separate mailing lists for that.

please let me clarify:
I only did a tiny contribution to this project and have nothing to say 
whatsoever. I never did run the regression tests in my life, I don't 
even know how they work, and I am really glad you are submitting a bug 
report about this. I just jumped in to make clear that there is another 
mailing list to report to but it seems I took this information from the 
wrong page. I went through my previous mails again but could not find 
any rudeness or abuse in it. If there is, put it down to the fact that I 
am not a native speaker of the English language. But I really think you 
are overreacting a tad.

Stefan Gehrer

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