[Ffmpeg-devel] Sofdec MPEG1 video stream with wrong colours...

Zhelkus D'Aggavok zhelkus
Mon Oct 2 05:34:14 CEST 2006

Hi, I wasn't sure to which mailing list I was supposed to write to so I send
this to the users' and this one. Plz help, ty.






I'm using the ffdshow codec that came with the CCCP. Recently I've been into
ripping video sequences from videogames and now I've stumbled across a tight


The game Sonic Heroes has many game cinematics that are contained in a file
ending in SFD (Sofdec). These containers contain MPEG1 video streams and a
particular sound format called ADX that can be easily converted to WAV.


I've successfully ripped the videos from 12 SFDs and audio from all 22 of
them. The other 10 MPEG video streams seem to have a weird colour distortion
and a serious case of "blockyness". So far, I've used TMPGEnc, Media Player
Classic and VLC to extract the streams to no avail.


I've tried to open the files in my Hex Editor to check the header for any
differences but they're all the same. I uploaded the files to rapidshare in
case somebody can help me out. frankly I'd really want some help on this :(


rar>  ---3MB ---this one has a buggy video stream

ss_End.rar>  --8MB ---this one has a "good" video stream


Both can be viewed on VLC (videolan).


I've also started a thread on doom9's forum to get more help on this.
Perhaps giving it a read could give an idea on what the people over there
were trying to do to help. Besides that I've also posted some images
concerning the videos.



Help plz!!!!!

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