[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Fwd: Request to mailing list ffmpeg-devel rejected

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx
Thu Oct 5 22:08:31 CEST 2006

?????? 05 ??????? 2006 15:42 ?? ????????:
> wrong, your 2 mails where hold for moderator approval because you are not
> subscribed (the list is members only due to spam issues, and i mean real
> spam, not the somewhat offtopic and rude stuff you posted)

So, the list is "subscriber-only" to keep away spam, my message was NOT spam,
and yet, you AGREED with the person who rejected my message:

	<<well, first, i didnt reject it, though i agree with whoever did,
	  that it should be rejected>>

chiding her/him only for not providing the proper reason... Am I *really* 
wrong suspecting, you will not let my other (non-spam) messages through?

My message was not "rude" -- it was sarcastic. Sarcastic at posting broken 
links and at the unprofessionalism of being unable/unwilling to produce a 
*release* of the project.

The lack of professionalism also shows in your taking offense at being asked 
about the rejection: "well, first, i didnt reject it". I don't know, who 
rejected it, and have no way of knowing. I sent my question: "Why?" to the 
address given in the rejection notice <ffmpeg-devel-owner at mplayerhq.hu>. I 
guess, this is forwarded to you -- but you should know without guessing and 
not be irritated when receiving such questions.

Who do I think I am, indeed? How about, I am someone, who is trying to port 
ffmpeg-using software to his less-then-typical system and struggling with the 
different bugs, that different ffmpeg-bundling wares have in their 

And it is not -- in my opinion -- the wares-authors' fault. Due to your 
above-mentioned inability/unwillingness to make a release, they can not 
simply say: "build ffmpeg release such-and-such or later"...


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