[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Advocating periodic releases

Oded Shimon ods15
Fri Oct 6 17:04:59 CEST 2006

On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 04:55:34PM +0200, Reimar D?ffinger wrote:
> Hello,
> On Fri, Oct 06, 2006 at 04:19:17PM +0200, Panagiotis Issaris wrote:
> > One of the nice things is that the entire source code of the FFmpeg project, with
> > every revision of every file included, fits into 9MiB using GIT. And you always
> How did you do that? I canceled the SVN import for MPlayer after ca. 500
> MB because my HD was full...

I fail to see how it is possible at all, because the ffmpeg _source_ alone 
is 12mb.

16:57 ods15 at crate15 ~/sources/mplayer/ffmpeg $ svn export . bah
Export complete.
16:57 ods15 at crate15 ~/sources/mplayer/ffmpeg $ du -sh bah
12M     bah

You can't compress these or anything, they have to be in raw form 
regardless of how past history is stored.

BTW, I'm really pleased with svn. The history past the current revision is 
useless in 99% of normal cases, and I've seen it handle just about 
anything I threw at it perfectly. The only thing it doesn't support easily 
is the moving of files/directories across repositories, an action which 
can't even be easily defined anyway and doesn't really make sense. (If you 
disagree, try to think what is the best way for this to be done, and 
you'll find that everyone has a different opinion on this...)

The only thing that surprised me is the mishandling of
svn rm file.c
svn cp -r1234 svn://a.a/file.c file.c

Maybe it can be done correctly somehow in a single revision... Haven't 
checked thoroughly.

- ods15

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