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Mon Oct 9 09:22:52 CEST 2006

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 10:30:39AM +0200, Diego Biurrun
> What does MTV stand for? BTW, this format does not yet
have an entry in
> the multimedia Wiki.

FYI; the wikipedia artile(s) about these MP4/MTV Players can
be found here:

QUOTE: "The MTV Video format was created to allow video
playback capabilities on inexpensive mp3 players without
increasing the cost of those players. The format operates by
displaying a series of raw image frames while playing MP3
audio. The MTV format consists of a 512 byte file header,
followed by alternating image and audio frames. While the
audio frames are encoded with MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 (aka MP3),
the image information is stored in uncompressed raw format,
according to the player's display hardware specification.
During decoding of the video stream, the audio frames are
passed to the mp3 hardware decoder, while the memory pointer
of the display hardware is simply adjusted to the next raw
image within the video stream. While this concept does not
require additional * hardware for the decoding process, it
leads to huge memory requirements as no compression is
applied to the image information. For this reason the
storage capacity of an MP4 player is effectively much less
than that of a player that decompresses files on the fly."

I took the liberty of creating a (very crude) article on
Please excuse my spelling/grammar (and lack of knowledge of
the format), however I thought that a poor article was
better than no article at all, I hope that is ok.

PS! I'm not sure if this is allowed, (and know that I have
no affiliation to these players or any companies/individuals
that sell them), but FYI; these "MP4 Players" are mostly
sold on the streets in Asia (like in Hong-Kong and
Singapore) or eBay, however they are also sold by a couple
of unreputable and some reputable resellers online, one such
reputable reseller is www.bigpockets.co.uk which is based in
the United Kingdom and sell to the whole of Europe.

regards / Andreas

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