[Ffmpeg-devel] amr file support fix

Simon Morlat simon.morlat
Mon Oct 9 21:24:11 CEST 2006


While using libavformat to read AMR and AMR-WB files in my application, I 
noticed that the 'pts' (presentation timestamp) field of the returned 
AVPacket was not set (actually set to zero all the time).
After some digging in the code I found that the AVPacket::duration field was 
not set, and the time_base was left to a probable default value (1/90000) 
which is usual for video but very unusual for audio.

Here is a very little patch that fixes those issues. It was generated 
with 'svn diff' today.
It sets the time_base to 1/8000 for amr and 1/16000 for amr-wb, and makes the 
pts incrementing respectively by 160 and 320, just by setting 
I'll be pleased if it could be merged in the svn tree.
Thanks a lot,

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