[Ffmpeg-devel] which codecs support rtp_callback

leon zadorin leonleon77
Wed Oct 11 01:59:18 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I recall reading a while ago (in avcodec.h) that rtp-friendly encoding was
supported only by H263/263+ and MPEG4:

+    /* The following data is for RTP friendly coding */
+    /* By now only H.263/H.263+ coder honours this   */
+    int rtp_mode;   /* 1 for activate RTP friendly-mode           */
+                    /* highers numbers represent more error-prone */
+                    /* enviroments, by now just "1" exist         */

Now (current version of avcodec.h?) the text reads:

00869     /* unused, FIXME remove*/
00870     int rtp_mode;
00872     int rtp_payload_size;   /* The size of the RTP payload: the
coder will  */
00873                             /* do it's best to deliver a chunk
with size    */
00874                             /* below rtp_payload_size, the chunk
will start */
00875                             /* with a start code on some codecs
like H.263  */
00876                             /* This doesn't take account of any
particular  */
00877                             /* headers inside the transmited RTP
payload    */

So the question is: is it still the case that rtp_callback is supported only
by H263/263+ and MPEG4 or are there now additional codecs that support this?
(currently grepping rtp_callback for c files shows mpegvideo.c only I

Also, in terms of architecture design, is rtp_callback likely to be called
from different threads when multithreaded encoding is enabled and supported
by the encoder?

Kind regards,

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