[Ffmpeg-devel] large ffmpeg problem

Projectshifter projectshifter
Sat Oct 14 03:58:52 CEST 2006

I've used a lot of different versions of ffmpeg over the last year or so,
but the last couple days the versions that I've been downloading are having
problems.  I get the following messages when encoding, regardless of the
[msmpeg4v2 @ 0x88a7c0]cbpy 1 invalid at 19 14
[msmpeg4v2 @ 0x88a7c0]Error at MB: 313
[msmpeg4v2 @ 0x88a7c0]concealing 71 DC, 71 AC, 71 MV errors
The big concern is that it isn't reading any quality settings, and just
reverts to the standard, so 5MB files are popping out crappy 1MB files that
are blocky and poor quality.  I've tried the usual -b and -ab settings I
use, and I've tried -sameq, but it's not working.  Tried this over the last
couple of days and have been getting the same exact thing.

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