[Ffmpeg-devel] Adding a file type, and VIC codecs

Derek Piper dcpiper
Tue Oct 17 20:58:22 CEST 2006

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

>> 	Please let me know what the view is on adding VIC codecs. Obviously 
>> they would be differentiated from the ffmpeg versions, e.g. 'vich261', 
>> 'vich263'.
> what is the difference between vic-h26* and normal h26* ?

I guess that's the problem. I don't KNOW what the difference is, I 
didn't write them. I only know they are not compatible based on trying 
to decode one with the other. I was wondering if anyone on this list had 
done anything with both of variants so that they might be able to shed 
more light on it. It would probably mean a lot of trawling through code 
looking for commonalities and seeing where they differ.

> we certainly would like to support as many codecs as possible so if you
> want to improve our h.263 codec so it can decode oher variants, or if
> you want to add support for another h.263 like codec similar to how
> msmpeg4* is handled, that all would be welcome
> if OTOH you just want to drop some random implemntation into ffmpeg which
> then would have alot of code duplicated, then this is completely unacceptable

Yea, that's fair enough. It's not exactly 'drop-in' anyway, since VIC's 
stuff is in C++. In looking at the msmpeg4 codec, that's the sort of 
thing I was thinking of.


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