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Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Oct 18 01:39:02 CEST 2006


On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 05:54:54PM -0500, sci-fi at hush.ai wrote:
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> I do not understand this rejection.  Why isn't the original poster
> being admonished in this same manner?  

because the list is members only (due to tons of spam)
and you didnt subscribe to the list
and mails from non subscribers are at the mercy of our moderator
(without him not a single one of these mails would reach the list)

if you have any suggestions to improving the non-members moderation
related stuff dont hesitate to post them here

> This _is_ a valid area for
> discussion on the ffmpeg-devel list.

just subscribe and noone will block your mails unless they are real
note, theres a nomail option so you can be subscribed without receiving
any mails

iam CCing this to ffmpeg-dev

> I'm trying to explain LD-related FLAGS, not XCode per se, to the
> poster.
> I always go through GMane to join discussions.  I have successfully
> posted to other lists in this manner (via GMane) without rejection -
> - - most recently to help make sure coreutils+gnulib 6.3 will compile
> and run properly under Darwin (you can check my posts on those
> lists).  There is no XCode IDE involved -- we are using Apple's
> gcc+ld with normal ./configure && make && sudo make install
> procedures.
> Likewise, we are not using XCode IDE for the ffmpeg & mplayer
> projects, we're using Apple's gcc+ld to compile/link/install ffmpeg
> in the normal manners.
> The poster needs to be assured to try using the LD-related FLAGS I
> have mentioned.  I have had to use these settings for many
> different projects.  Each such project likely has a related mention
> of these LD-related FLAGS when it pertains to the read_only errors
> that come up, although these errors have had a very long history
> and one can search historical maillist archives to find the
> answers.  Please don't tell me to get Apple to fix such errors --
> *you* try doing that and see where you get!  ;)
> But my main point here is that the answers _belong *on* the
> projects' maillists_ so people can easily get the answers related
> _to_ that project.
> I am not feeling very well right now, I'm not wanting this to sound
> angry or any such thing, so I hope I have explained why indeed the
> answers do belong on the _project's_ maillist.
> On Tue, 17 Oct 2006 17:00:14 -0500 ffmpeg-devel-
> bounces at mplayerhq.hu wrote:
> >Your request to the ffmpeg-devel mailing list
> >
> >    Posting of your message titled "Re: Mac OS X local relocation
> >entries in non-writable   section..."
> >
> >has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
> >following reason for rejecting your request:
> >
> >"we only support ffmpeg SVN not xcode."
> >
> >Any questions or comments should be directed to the list
> >administrator at:
> >
> >    ffmpeg-devel-owner at mplayerhq.hu
> I don't have a copy of my answer to the poster; GMane doesn't send
> it back via e-mail that way.  If I still had a copy, I would not
> mind e-mailing it directly to the poster to keep it off-list.
> Please find it and send it back to me, and I'll find some way to
> get it to him/her.
> But I absolutely strongly urge you to post my answers to the list.
> It's just a few lines, and then it will be archived to be
> searchable for a very very very very long time.
> Thank you.

the original mail is below copy and pasted
Subject: Re: Mac OS X local relocation entries in non-writable   section...


On 2006-10-16 16:15:31 -0500, Ryan Martell <rdm4 at martellventures.com> said:

>I am trying to link against the ffmpeg libraries from XCode 2.4, and  I
>get the "local relocation entries in non-writable section" error.
>This is on a MacBook Pro (Intel Dual Core)
>1) Link with the flag '-read_only_relocs suppress',

Building ffmpeg on my G4 and G5-Dual machines, I've had to set these in
the environment:

export LDFLAGS=' -Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress '

I put these in my devel login script for root so they'd be passed to
any project I build (got tons here all built by hand, nothing 'fink'd
except for clues of workarounds on other usually older projects that
haven't been updated in years).

I learned to use the '-Wl,-flag,parm' method because many projects
don't call ld directly, rather they pass $LDFLAGS straight into $CC
and/or libtool (autoconf stuff, some libtool scripts don't parse such
'naked' flags correctly) -- ffmpeg of course is not based on libtool
but it does pass $LDFLAGS into $CC.  It might be better to use e.g.
'-Xlinker -flag -Xlinker parm' in some cases, too.

>Which sounds a bit scary to me.
>I know that the -mdynamic-no-pic was a 5% speed boost (according to
>Michael), so I'd like to leave it in, but I'm stymied.

hmm maybe I'll try that, too, but G5 is terribly fast enough to play
back 1080i etc.  ;)  but I'd rather build shared libs since I do have
tons of projects that depend on each other and such...

>So, gcc gurus, what's my magic compiler option to fix this?
>-Ryan Martell

Just give it a try, I don't think it'll hurt anything, but maybe other
requisite libs etc. might need to be built with the env-vars I
mentioned above to make it a complete solution.

My 2?.  ;)


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