[Ffmpeg-devel] VP6 encoder

Rob ffmpeg
Sat Oct 21 18:55:44 CEST 2006

hello all,

the VP6 decoder is really interesting. Im glad to be able to decode 
Flash 8 FLV files and generate serverside thumbnails out of them and 
convert them to MPEG-2 for DVD usage and such.

I'm also really interested in the encoder. I have been using all these 
On2 products, but none of them is scriptable except for the ON2 Flix 
Encoder Engine - which is ridicilously expensive. I do have their 
desktop application to encode but still this is super slow. FFMpeg was 
my tool of choice for FLV7 encoding.

Will we see a VP6 encoder in FFMpeg soon so that we can use FFMpeg for 
encoding FLV8 style video? This would be soooo wicked.
Im even willing to sponsor (not that I have any money) but I would if I 

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