[Ffmpeg-devel] RTP patches & RFC

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Fri Oct 27 03:22:29 CEST 2006


On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 03:07:32AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > I have my working copy, then I have the latest version in a separate  
> > directory.  I then copy the files from my working copy to the current  
> > version, and run a file merging tool on them.  I then look at every  
> > line, and take out a bunch of stuff to make the patches smaller.   
> > Then I have to fix a bunch of stuff that won't compile, because I  
> > took something out that I needed to leave in.  As a result, every  
> > time I submit a patch, it's taking quite awhile.
> > 
> > I understand the need for small patches, to keep a good idea of where  
> > the bugs are introduced, but what's the simple way to do this that I  
> > am missing?  I am trying to take small steps, but also trying to take  
> > big enough steps to get this in into the code base so I can go onto  
> > to fixing the bugs.
> > 
> > After I submit the patch, I can't work on the next patch until it is  
> > accepted.  (I use svn diff for my patches).  I just tried to move the  
> > AAC stuff out after my indent patch, but then I have to save the  
> > changes as a different filename, and run diff against that, which  
> > doesn't make sense, since there is no revision number or anything for  
> > the patch to apply to.
> > 
> > How can I do this so that I could submit a sequence of patches?  (For  
> > this email, I was going to submit an indent patch, a aac audio  
> > movement patch, a non-specific rtp/rtp.h change patch, then the h264  
> > patch)
> well that can be done, or at least you can try ...
> there are many ways, one is just to have a directory for each "state"
> so theres the unchanged-svn-head/myfile.c, ...
> and indent-fixup/myfile.c, ....
> and indent-fixup-and-aac-move/myfile.c, ...
> and then you just use diff between the directories (without any svn involvment)

also if you then want to change something in one of the patches for example
in the indent-fixup then you could just
1. copy indent-fixup/ to indent-fixup2/
2. change indent-fixup2/* as you see fit
3. diff -ru... indent-fixup/ indent-fixup2/ > new
4. cd indent-fixup-and-aac-move ; patch (--dry-run) <../new

that way you can easily update all the directories with your changes

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