[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [PATCH proposal] ffmpeg.c - pre_process_video_frame()

Alexey Sidelnikov avs99
Fri Oct 27 03:46:23 CEST 2006


> > Another conclusion I got is that pre_process_video_frame() was designed 
> > to modify frames which will be written to the movie, right? If so, then 
> > I think it should be called only before actual encoding the frame, i.e. 
> > right before do_video_out() call. I changed output_packet() function 
> > accordingly.
> this would make all filters which use the previous frame missbehave
> if the previous frames was not encoded

okay, ic... will change back.

> > I also have another improvement which can affect the performance I think 
> > - why not to make the buffer for preprocessing static and malloc/free it 
> > only once? Now it is malloced/freed every video frame. 
> i strongly suggest that you look at mplayer/libmpcodecs and port that
> to ffmpeg instead of spending alot of time slowly improving the current
> half broken vhook system

Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to ask for a few minutes of your time.
Actually I'm very impressed with the framehook, and my next plan was to port it
to Windows (plus some other not that important changes I'd to do). So what you
are saying now is that vhook it "bad" and "half-broken"?. does that mean it will
be removed from ffmpeg one day? Can you please very briefly describe the reasons
why it is half-broken, and what, in your opinion, should be changed to make it
"good"? And sinse I have never ever looked at mplayer, could you please just
give me the name of the module which you are suggesting to port?

> > However, that can 
> > be done relatively simple only: we have no more than one video stream 
> not true, there can be many video streams
> > (well, not a big deal to extend to several streams actually) AND video 
> > stream picture size is constant during the time. Does that sound 
> > reasonable? Shall I make the patch?
> video frame size should be able to change between filters, libmpcodecs
> support that, vhook not i think

I meant video frame size of the input stream. pre_process_video_frame() should
receive frames right after decoders, right? If so, and if input frame sizes can
change over the time, then I think making a list of static buffers for each of
input video streams in pre_process_video_frame() is not a big deal...

> also all your patches are malformed, i cant apply them even if i want ...
> you should do something to fix this, maybe disabling line wrap in your
> mail user agent would be enough if not and attaching them fails then
> please switch to some other mail user agent, iam not sure what OS you use
> but iam sure theres someone here who can recommand a working 
> mail user agent for it ...

Sorry... I started to post here just a week ago, though I was reading for quite
a long time. Initially I used Outlook, but it can not handle attachement well
enough, so almost immediately I switched to the Mozilla Thunderbird. Does it
also post malformed patches?.. too bad :( I will try to figure out the reason,
thanks for your time and patience.



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