[Ffmpeg-devel] [BUG] Rate Control For MPEG CBR

Loren Merritt lorenm
Mon Oct 30 00:30:34 CET 2006

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Balatoni Denes wrote:
> On Sat 28 Oct 2006, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> try the following (see libavcodec/utils.c for how the variables are called
>> -mbd 2 -flags mv0+trell+cbp -lmax 340*QP2LAMBDA -sc_threshold 100000000
>> -rc_buf_aggressivity 0.25
>> and use latest svn! it might not work with anything older then a few
>> minutes
> Also for real CBR I always suggest a low vqsquish, eg. 0.1 (vqsquish name is
> from mplayer, I don't know what it's called otherwise). It sure makes the
> encoding CBR like, but maybe setting the max/min rate is enough - I don't
> know because I stumbled upon vqsquish a long time ago when the rate/buffer
> management was still lacking.

You mean vqcomp? vqsquish doesn't have much to do with CBR.

--Loren Merritt

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