[Ffmpeg-devel] ffserver problems

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh
Mon Oct 30 11:23:59 CET 2006


I've been trying to get ffserver to stream an mpeg4 stream from
ffmpeg. I am generating the mpeg4 video from jpgs generated on the fly
at a slow rate (1 per 1-2 seconds). I have verified
that I can create a playable video (non streamable), eg:

./send_all.pl | ~/download/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -r 1 -f image2pipe -vcodec mjpeg -i - test.mov

where send_all sends a stream of jpeg images to standard
output. mplayer plays test.mov with no problems.

When attempting to stream the video I use:

./send_all.pl | ~/download/ffmpeg/ffmpeg -r 1 -f image2pipe -vcodec mjpeg -i - http://localhost:8090/feed1.ffm

and the feed part of the ffserver.conf file looks like this:

<Stream test.mov>

# coming from live feed 'feed1'
Feed feed1.ffm

Format avi
AudioBitRate 32
AudioChannels 1
VideoBitRate 25
VideoBufferSize 100
VideoFrameRate 1
VideoSize 640x480
VideoGopSize 12
VideoCodec mpeg4
VideoQMin 2
VideoQMax 31

The jpgs output from send_all.pl are 640x480.

ffserver starts up fine and everything looks ok when I access
stat.html through the webserver.

However, when I attempt to access the stream using mplayer, ffserver
increases to a very high CPU load after 10-20 seconds and starts
consuming a lot of memory (700Mb rss). I have attempted to access the
stream using different players and from different machines on the
network but have the same result. I've run ffserver inside gdb and
when interrupting it at random times, it always seems to be in the
part serving out packets, but nothing is an obvious tight loop.

I am using the version of ffmpeg from subversion checkout out today.

Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong or is ffserver
possibly broken at the moment?

cyeoh at samba.org

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