[Ffmpeg-devel] suggestions

may nothing may_241913
Tue Sep 5 11:22:24 CEST 2006

Hi everybody

I'm on a Solaris 10 box running Sol 10 and gcc-4.1.1 and gnu ld ...

I've a few suggestions. When I try to start the configure script the interpreting shell fails to execute the top lines until I change it form /bin/sh to /bin/bash.
If we would change it permanently could that cause serious problems on other platforms ? (MAC ?)

It seems that my gcc compiler doesn't like "-rdynamic" - could that be a problem ?

For Solare BE_16 is still a problem. Could the Macro be renamed ... ?
I wrote a script to rename all BE_16 to BE_16_S ... but that's just a suggestion

What about the libswscaler and the missing libmpcodecs from the Mplayer project ?


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