[Ffmpeg-devel] win64?

Clarke, Trevor tclarke
Wed Sep 6 18:43:10 CEST 2006

I'd like to incorporate ffmpeg into an app I'm developing. The problem?
We build for 64-bit solaris, 32-bit windows, and 64-bit windows. I can
get it working fine with the first two but I'm obviously having
difficulty getting it to work for the later. Has anyone compiled to
amd64/win xp64? This would require either a 64-bit windows gcc (I
believe there is some code floating around in their vc somewhere) or
getting ffmpeg to compile on MSVC8. If anyone has suggestions or hints,
it would be greatly appreciated as I'd rather not have to put our video
export capability into a separate process and export via IPC.



Trevor R.H. Clarke

tclarke at ball.com <mailto:tclarke at ball.com> 

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp


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