[Ffmpeg-devel] encode v210 raw bitstream

Mike Melanson mike
Tue Sep 12 02:40:53 CEST 2006

mark m wrote:
> On 9/11/06, Mike Melanson <mike at multimedia.cx> wrote:
>> mark m wrote:
>> > I do not want to encode to this format. This is the uncompressed data
>> > stream
>> > from the video capture card. I would like to compress this data stream
>> to
>> > MPEG-2 i-Frame only.
>> I'm not sure if it presently supports this format, but it should be
>> possible to code it into FFmpeg.
> Do you know how I can do this?
> But could you live with losing the
>> bottom 2 bits of precision from each Y, U, and V component (forcing the
>> data to standard 8-bit components)?
> Yes to begin with I will do this. Can you tell how I can do this if I have
> standard 8bit components?
> Thanks a lot!

This doesn't map neatly onto the raw formats already available. Can you 
provide a sample? This decoder would probably be trivial to hack up 
(famous last words). Please upload a small sample per these instructions 
("Submitting Sample Media"):


	-Mike Melanson

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