[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] AVOptions description sync

Panagiotis Issaris takis.issaris
Tue Sep 12 13:24:47 CEST 2006


Op maandag 11 september 2006 18:15, schreef herve.flores:
> [...] 
> looking to the code, I understood that some are parameters and some  
> are arguments
> Perhaps it will be easier to understand if it was:
> [...]
> -strict            <int>   E.V..
>   very                      E.V..
>   strict                    E.V..
>   normal                    E.V..
>   inofficial                E.V..
>   experimental              E.V..
> -b_quant_offset    <float> E.V..
>   er                <int>   .DV..
>   careful                   .DV..
>   compliant                 .DV..
>   aggressive                .DV..
>   very_aggressive           .DV..
> -mpeg_quant        <int>   E.V..
> [...]
> then with "-" for parameter and without for argument (or anything  
> else to dissociate)

Indeed, I was planning on doing something similar. Initially, I wanted
to list the parameter, with all possible values seperated by commas. But
that wouldn't work, as there would be no place for the description.

Then I figured I could indent them using tabs or something similar to
what you propose. But currently, the problem is that the options are
not stored in a way that they can be printed as shown above in an
easy way.

Let me illustrate this. You have for example an option called "flags2".
The possible values for this parameter are not stored right after it. So,
otherwise the patch would be a trivial one-liner. Now, I'll either have
to reorder the list, or write a function which gets them in the correct

> It was just a remark for your others users...
> bye
> good continuation
> great work

With friendly regards,

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