[Ffmpeg-devel] inttypes wrongly identified?

Jaime Corvera Vargas inf220
Thu Sep 14 19:44:59 CEST 2006

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:

> We don't support msvc.  FFmpeg should compile fine under mingw.  The
> dlls/libraries produced can be used from msvc.

oh  cmon... its not about evangelizing for or against MSVC.

its about developing under windows and other systems too.

then at a more basic level:
can i force the configurator to emulate int types?

imagine i only want to use MinGW to compile FFmpeg and would like to
pass my project and the compiled libs to somebody who does not have
MinGW or the inttypes.h installed(using SVN).

It be nice to be able to maximize compatibility from the start.

im a somewhat beginner on *nix systems but if the configurator tries to
detect inttypes.h then this must mean that not even the FFmpeg
developers assume this file is on everyones computer.

why try to detect that file if you "don't support" those who dont have it?

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