[Ffmpeg-devel] Patch: av_find_stream_info uses wrong time base

Fred Rothganger fred
Sat Sep 16 14:46:40 CEST 2006

>>    av_find_stream_info() is using AV_TIME_BASE rather than 
>> stream.time_base to calculate real frame rate.  This error is preventing 
>> it from detecting telecine.
> ok if you provide a file which needs it otherwise the whole related code
> can be removed, telecined files should be detected by the more generic
> code above the one you changed

    I cut down the "Groundhog Day" vob to 10M, and it turns out to be 
sufficient to reproduce the problem.  Uploaded to 
MPlayer/incoming/groundhog.vob.  There is a print statement in the 
relevant section of code that when turned on gives a pretty clear 
picture of the effect of the patch...

without patch:
    telecine: coded_frame_rate=29.970 est_frame_rate=270.083

with patch:
    telecine: coded_frame_rate=29.970 est_frame_rate=24.307

-- Fred

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