[Ffmpeg-devel] [RFC] SMPTE 302M AES 3 stream in mpeg ts

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Tue Sep 19 16:40:15 CEST 2006


Michael Niedermayer wrote:
>> [...]
>> AVBistreamFilter is a solution, unfortunately cannot be activated from
>> mpegts demuxer.
>> I was hoping that you would answer with a proposal.
>> What about adding need_bitfiltering and bitfilter to AVStream ?
> ok, if it solves the problem
> [...]

Well, actually it does not solve the problem. It seems that kind of
parsing would need to use av_parser_* to construct frame and correctly
fetch pts, but the parser cannot be selected based on codec_id.

1) define PARSER_FLAG_S302M and then select s302_parser in
av_parser_init. It may not be appropriate though.
2) need_parsing == 3

Problem here is that av_parser_init only takes codec_id as argument.

About packets disappearing problem, it seems pes->state is not reset
after av_find_stream_infos, and S302M stream does not start with TS
packets with payload_unit_start_indicator as 1.

During av_find_stream_info, demuxer discards them since pes->state is
MPEGTS_HEADER and then fall to MPEGTS_SKIP since no header is found.

After av_find_stream_infos, since last state was MPEGTS_PAYLOAD, demuxer
outputs packets, and they have no pts. What is desired behaviour in that
case ? Mans ?

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