[Ffmpeg-devel] 640x480 iPod Baseline Low Complexity Profile

Tyler Loch tylerl82
Thu Sep 21 01:35:31 CEST 2006

>> IMHO rejected...
> Oh yes.

I don't disagree with you at all. I mentioned these weren't meant to  
be formal submissions in my first e-mail:

> My experience with C code is best described as "none", so please  
> don't consider these diffs ready to commit. In fact, the profile  
> details listed above are probably better to follow. Someone  
> competent should review these snippets for inspiration. Sorry I  
> can't be more thorough.
> movenc.c
> This adds the uuid atom (albiet malformed) to any H.264 video that  
> is not forced to PSP format. The PSP would play the "unsupported  
> data" game if it's present.
> x264.c
> This hack hardcodes a SAR of 1000/1001. Close enough to 1:1 to not  
> matter, but different enough to force adding a SAR value to the file.
> This is an idiotic way to do it, as the SAR should be added in  
> movenc.c

These were submitted as a record of what I've done, and the profile  
information from my first e-mail explains what is required to create  
iPod-compatible H.264 videos above Baseline Level 1.3. I never  
expected them to make it into the source tree as-is.

-Tyler Loch
Techspansion LLC

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