[Ffmpeg-devel] "config" parameter parsing

Oussama.Layaida at inrialpes.fr Oussama.Layaida
Wed Sep 27 15:47:57 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,     

I have a newbie question. I'm using ffmpeg library to decode an MPEG4 video 
stream from a vlc server.   

(almost) Everything is working well: I create an RTSP client, setup the   
session, get data frames into memory and successfully decode them using ffmpeg 
(fothanks to developpers for the great job).  

The only obstructing thing is that I have to know the video resolution in 
advance, especially when it is not included in the SDP (x-resolution fmtp). I 
read from previous post that such information are generally included in the SDP 
through the fmtp config line, ... I have seen the "decode_vol_header"  function 
in the ffmpeg code but without figuring out how to get the resolution param 
from the config. Is it possible to have more explanation on the format of the 
config hex value (nothing on google too !!). Let's consider the example I'm 
getting in may application : 


thanks in advance,



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