[Ffmpeg-devel] expert on FFmpeg needed

fabrejean.net contact
Fri Apr 6 09:14:48 CEST 2007

Hi Everyone,

  We are looking for an expert in ffmpeg to use it in our cross platform 
application ( windows and mac). The goal is to output quicktime video 
either from captured dv and hdv ( etc), or existing videos like avi. So 
a solid knowledge of FFmpeg and video codecs, HD, HDV, is required.

  Could you give us a quote and your availabilities for such type of work?

  We have serious issues with interlacing when reducing the frame rate 
and  video quality loss on conversions.

The project is now entering it's second version ( v2 release planned for 
decembre 07)  and we would like to nail these issues down once for all.

The project in question is at


  Jean Fabre

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