[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem with seeking FLAC files.

Lunar Lupus exanode
Sun Apr 15 09:40:27 CEST 2007

Hello! I use avformat-50.5.0 in my project. It works great with MP3 and OGG
files, but when I try to seek FLAC file, it gives follwoing error with
avcodec_decode_audio :

[flac @ 0xb7d99288]FRAME HEADER not here
[flac @ 0xb7d99288]unsupported channel assignment 8 (channels=0)
[flac @ 0xb7d99288]decode_frame() failed

I'm using av_seek_frame exactly as it was in ffplay example:
av_seek_frame(format_context, -1, timestamp, 0);

original ffplay also reports error.

Please, can somebody help me to make flac seeking work?

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