[Ffmpeg-devel] Decleration of clip() function in qpel.c not found.

Sibnath GHOSH sibnath.ghosh
Thu Apr 19 16:52:28 CEST 2007


In qpel.c clip() function has been used. 

\libavcodec\sh4\qpel.c(452): index= src_x + clip(src_y, 0, height)*stride;
\libavcodec\sh4\qpel.c(459): index= clip(src_x, 0, width) + src_y*stride;
\libavcodec\sh4\qpel.c(584): index= clip(src_x, 0, width) + clip(src_y, 0, height)*stride;

Searching through the source code I found the definition in libavutic/common.h is 
static inline int av_clip(int a, int amin, int amax)

Will I have to change the calls to av_clip?


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