[Ffmpeg-devel] suggestion for SVN snapshots

Attila Kinali attila
Mon Apr 30 14:45:02 CEST 2007

On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 10:01:21 +0100
M?ns Rullg?rd <mans at mansr.com> wrote:

> > Attila, is there a way we could make the lists strip smime
> > attachments? I fear more and more people will start using this
> > disgusting bloated replacement for pgp (the equivalent pgp signature
> > is only 200 bytes or so) as the years go by and it would be nice to
> > automate the solution to the problem rather than flaming list membes.
> > Mailman should have an easy way to strip attachments with particular
> > mime types..
> Mailman can do it.

Yes, we can filter it on mailman level. I'll set that on all
Mailinglists as soon as i have some time.. unless M?ns or Diego
beat me to it.

			Attila Kinali

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