[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] FFplay speedup if stepping whilst paused

Craig Nicol craig.nicol
Thu Aug 2 12:39:52 CEST 2007

I've been writing a drift-correction program based on ffplay.c, but I've
discovered a problem in the original ffplay code that is still in the latest
SVN I've only tested this under Windows (MinGW), but given the patch that
fixes it below, I assume this is common to all platforms. The problem should
be repeatable by:

1. Open a video file in ffplay (I've used MPEG and an AVI recorded from
2. Pause the playing video by pressing space (or press s, which also causes
a pause)
3. Step forward a frame by pressing s
4. Wait a few seconds
5. Unpause the video by pressing space

Expected Behaviour:
Video should continue at normal speed.

Actual Behaviour:
Video speeds up to catch-up with the 'lost' few seconds.

The audio stream appears to pause and restart correctly. I have not tested
this on videos with subtitles.

Patch behaviour:
Uses the existing stream_pause() function within the step frame code to
maintain the correct state whether paused using 's' or the space key.

Suggested commit message:
Corrected pause handling when using the 's' step by frame key.
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