[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Codec lookup: do not use codec_id

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Mon Aug 6 12:47:13 CEST 2007

Le nonidi 19 thermidor, an CCXV, Benoit Fouet a ?crit?:
> where is it freed ? what if several codecs are used in command line ?

It is never freed. In an earlier version of this patch, I tried freeing them
in the places you are suggesting, but it crashed when there were several
output files: the string was used after it was freed. Finding exactly where
it can be freed is not obvious. Furthermore, adding the call to av_free
where you suggest would only do half of the job, since the strings can be
discarded on other places.

I decided not to do it right now after remarking this fact: command line
options of type OPT_STRING are av_strduped and not av_freed. If it is
considered a real problem (but I believe the gain of memory would be smaller
than the added code), it needs to be addressed separately.


  Nicolas George
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